McKinnon Shapes & Designs was created to provide custom shaped surfboards for the individual. While this is still is our main focus,

I have provided a couple proven designs that are geared for certain surfing needs and desires. Choose what best suits your style

or create your own. 


“Rocky is passionate about surfboard design and committed to dialing in shapes that work best for his clients… Basically, he takes a very informed approach to his custom board design and has a lot of fun doing it. The results speak for themselves.”  ---Jon Niermann


Aggressor – (suggested size 8’6” to 10’) Engineered much like its brother, the Soul Rebel, the Aggressor has a narrow tapered nose and pulled in tail for larger, juicer waves. It is very quick and maneuverable. 

Soul Rebel – (suggested size 8’6” to 10’) A personal favorite. This board is designed with dual influences. The modern shortboard meets the old school longboard in this design. The two designs create a board that will allow for great maneuverability without sacrificing noseriding capability. Throwback – (suggested size 9’ to 10’6”) This model is true to its namesake. The Throwback incorporates 1960’s influences with 50/50 rails, a reverse t-band stringer, and tint or opaque glass job. The Throwback is a true classic longboard. Combo – (suggested size 7’ to 8’6”) A mid-range or (funboard). This board will allow for more paddability than a standard shortboard, but will also provide great maneuverability.


     Custom Stand-up

     Paddle Boards

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Razor – (suggested size 5’6” to 7’2”)  This is a quick releasing, wave sensitive shortboard that will allow you to have the ability to surf as creatively as desired, while still promising rock solid performance.

EPOXY - Introducing Custom Epoxy Surfboards by McKinnon Shapes & Designs. These surfboards are an alternative to the regular polyester type surfboards. The epoxy is stronger and more dent resistant than its polyester counterpart. Epoxies are also lighter which increases maneuverability. The custom epoxies are made here in the USA to meet your surfing and equipment requirements.

HELLO KITTY Surfboards are available at Hello Kitty dealers.

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7'6" 6'0"

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 Why you should order a Custom McKinnon Shapes & Designs Surfboard.


1st Personal Customer Service. You deal directly with me, the shaper. No middleman or someone to get your order messed up. We come up with, and design a surfboard that you want, not what I or somebody else thinks you should ride.


2nd PRICE!!! Everybody knows boards can be expensive. Not here. You can get a custom shortboard with your choice of color airspray for under $500, and a custom longboard with your color design for under $700. That includes fins! Factory direct you pay wholesale price and save.


3rd Prompt Delivery. I can and will get most customs completed and delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. Special requests will take longer. Please don’t hesitate to ask how long your magic stick will take to make.


Mission Statement

 McKinnon Shapes & Designs will produce high-performance, high-quality surfboards by using the best materials and latest designs. M.S.D. will offer personal customer service to guarantee complete satisfaction.





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