Information on Hello Kitty Surfboards



The three surfboard sizes I chose cover the most basic and popular surfboard designs that are being surfed. The three board sizes cover most customers needs for surfing or display.


6’0” -  This is your standard high-performance Shortboard. This board is meant to be ridden by someone with experience. This board is great for waves in the 2 to 6 foot range. Speed and ease of turns are trademarks of this board.


7’6” -  This board is commonly known as a Fun-Board. Due to the Fun-Boards wider outline, greater length and being thicker than a standard Shortboard. The Fun-Board is great for beginners who desire a surfboard that turns with ease, but yet are in need of a surfboard that paddles well and is more stable also. This board is great for waves in the 2 to 5 foot zone.


9’0” -  The 9 foot board is known as a Longboard. This board carries all the necessities in order to learn. Longboards catch waves with ease and are very stable. I designed this Longboard to also be able to turn with relative ease. For small waves this board is the best choice, but I also designed the board to hold its own when the waves get a little bigger. Best for waves in the 1 to 4 foot zone.




Do’s and Don’ts



*   Apply extreme care in handling surfboards. The boards are made out of foam and fiberglass and mishandling can lead to dings or cracks that will jeopardize the boards strength and appearance.

*       If starting out. Seek out lessons or someone that already surfs to provide help. The ocean should not be taken lightly and always be aware of what’s going on. 

*        Surfboard wax goes on the deck of the surfboard where your feet go or where traction is needed.

*       Do not store boards in places where there is extreme heat.

If there are any questions, please e-mail Rocky McKinnon at mckinnon-surf@

Get go get your one-of- kind Hello Kitty Surfboard at these following locations or contact me direct: Rocky McKinnon at or by phone (714) 377-6101.



Huntington Surf & Sport Girls Store

126 Main Street

Huntington Beach, CA  92648

Ph # (714) 374-6266


Sanrio @ South Coast Plaza

3333 Bristol Street #1055

Costa Mesa, CA  92626

Ph # (714) 979-2338



Beverly Center Mall

131 N. La Cienega Blvd.

Suite #814

Los Angeles, CA  90048



San Fransico Centre Mall

865 Market Street

Space C-41

San Francisco, CA  94103



Ala Moana Shopping Center

1450 Ala Moana Blvd. #1034

Honolulu, HI  96814



Times Square

233 West 42nd Street

New York, NY  10036