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“The great thing about Rocky is he cares about what he shapes… I could not have asked for a better board.  It is fast, maneuverable, paddle insanely well, and basically the BEST board I have ever had.  I have had the best waves of my life on this board, and it made me a more confident surfer.”

---Matt Carr, Huntington Beach, CA                                                   



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Since switching over to Mckinnon Shapes and Designs, my surfing has improved drastically.”

---Mark Weiss, Retired L.A.F.D., Huntington Beach, CA



“Rocky has been willing to work outside of the box to help me to get where I am… Rocky is at the leading edge of what is possible in Longboard and Shortboard shaping.  I am a prime example that an ordinary person with the right equipment can do extraordinary things.”

---Todd Schroeder, Oahu, HA



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